What I Love Learning About

Jul 3, 2018

As I continue to evolve in my own transformation, I have discovered more ways to help others heal. I continue my education in bio-energy healing and expanding my knowledge of the powerful healing properties of crystals, stones and essential oils. I continue to learn more about everything that has helped me heal and continues to bless my life, I am called to share with those who are ready to take the next step in their healing journeys. As I learn more about our energy fields, I am able to work through my energy blocks with new modalities and help my clients move through theirs, if they so choose. As our energy in our bodies transform, so do our daily habits and rituals. Essential oils have become a staple in my home. I have changed over all my self care and cleaning products and have my diffuser running almost 24/7. I am in the process of developing a protocol with these beautiful oils to help my clients be more grounded and open in our 1:1 sessions. So excited to see where this path of continued learning about all things energy and healing takes me. I know I will be a student of all things healing for my lifetime, that I can better serve those who are ready to be healed.